2017 Q1 - Ducharme mSCOA 1 day training dates


MSCOA SUPPORT: 1 day training

We have developed an mSCOA Implementation manual. This was designed to assist municipal official to practically think through key foundational aspects that needs to be in place for mSCOA (e.g. project governance and change management) together with applicable examples and templates. The manual addresses:

  • Overview & Structures Includes mSCOA overview and key structures such as project steering committee, project management team & project governance
  • Systems & Capacity This focusses on business transformation, change management, skills development & information technology needed.
  • Practical impact on 15 business processes It deals with how MSCOA will affect the 15 business processes. For each business processes, a description of the process, accounting ramifications, impact of each of the segments and examples are provided
  • Compendium of mSCOA guidance We have also summarised and synthesised the guidance provided by National Treasury through the MSCOA circulars, Project Summary Documents, Transversal Tender RT- 25 as well as MFMA Circular 80.


Dates: Q1 2017

We have developed a 1 day course to assist CFOs and their finance teams on the key issues impacting the finance division following the requirements of mSCOA. The course provides for a history and an overview of the importance of MSCOA as well as the various topics the CFO and finance teams will need to ensure are addressed for successful implementation. We will be hosting a 1 day mSCOA workshop:
  • East London: 28 March 2017
  • Bloemfontein: 30 March 2017
  • Durban: 31 March 2017
  • Johannesburg: 4 April 2017
  • Stellenbosch: 7 April 2017

For more details on the course as well as a registration form, please follow the link to our 1 day mSCOA Course brochure.


mSCOA capacity building support: Video articles

Due to the holistic and entity-wide impact of mSCOA, we have also developed high-level video articles to assist municipalities with sharing of knowledge and the impact of mSCOA. This assists municipalities to reach all applicable staff more effectively and efficiently. Please find herewith the link to our mSCOA Article Videos. Video articles currently available and accessible at no-charge include:

  • History and rationale of mSCOA
  • Seven mSCOA Segments, their interactional working and certain important mSCOA implementation matters.
  • Seven mSCOA Segments: Examples


For more information

For more information on mSCOA services, please refer to the our mSCOA section on our website (link attached).


Sean Collins CA(SA) & (IMFO / CIGFARO Recognised mSCOA trainer) | 082 373 4428 scollins<at>ducharmeconsulting.co.za

Anton Slabbert CA(SA) & (IMFO / CIGFARO Recognised mSCOA trainer) | 072 232 5335 aslabbert<at>ducharmeconsulting.co.za

James Such | 076 402 6242 | jsuch<at>ducharmeconsulting.co.za

Francois Conradie | 082 926 1780 | fconradie<at>ducharmeconsulting.co.za